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Nearly every business faces the dilemma of under utilised capacity:


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Are you in the food and Restaurant industry?

Food Outlets and Restaurants are the 3rd most traded commodity a year in the organised barter industry, overshadowed only by media and travel. There are some really good reasons for this.

The most obvious is, well, everybody has to eat…and business people spend more money eating out than just about anyone else; They’re busy and they order in. They’re taking a client to lunch. They’re grabbing a quick bite on the way to their next meeting. They’re taking their valuable staff out to lunch. Not to forget restaurant dining with family and friends. Over time, this expense adds up.

Ozone allows companies to pay for this expense with their own products and services, bartered at retail to new customers their barter exchange sends to them. The company earns a new customer, offsets a cash cost, and is making purchases at their wholesale cost of doing business.

Now that gives a little insight into why restaurants are in demand, but what does the restaurant get out of it?

The obvious first answer is New Customers. Ozone exchange members will bypass competing food outlets and restaurants because they can barter with them. Members will travel further to barter, bringing customers from other neighbourhoods that might not have been there otherwise. This adds a second benefit, as the more popular a restaurant seems, the more people want to go there.

A restaurant or food outlet pays their overhead costs regardless of how many diners stop in, lights, heat, staff, mortgage or rent, insurance, licenses, etc, adding some new customers doesn’t increase their overhead cost. It’s the same whether serving 10 customers or 15 customers. Ozone allows restaurants to reduce their per unit costs by driving more business through the same overhead.

Let me give you an example. A restaurant needs a new Hob. The cost, installed, is $3000. If they paid in cash, they would pull $3000 out of their bank account to pay for it. If they bartered for it their cash outlay would be about $1200, how much it cost them to earn the $3000 in barter. When a restaurant makes purchases through barter, they save hard cash on their expenses and increase their purchasing power.

Restaurants will also use barter for menu printing, staff incentives, promotional items, renovations, advertising, and prizes that might not have been in their budget before. This allows the restaurant to motivate and reward quality employees, helps their brand, and gives them greater exposure.

Restaurant owners also have the opportunity to enhance their lifestyle. They can use barter to pay for vacation accommodations, jewellery, entertainment, and even such things as home automation or theatre rooms.

So, this begs the question; When is it not good for a restaurant to barter? The only time bartering doesn’t fit a restaurant’s business model is when the restaurant is already at capacity. You can’t bring new customers into an already filled restaurant and you don’t want to push cash customers out for barter customers.

You might be asking at this point, “why use the Ozone exchange? I can just barter directly.” A good question with a simple answer. When you barter directly, you have to need each other’s services at the same time and in the same amount. The logistics in finding that company can be difficult and time consuming. A barter exchange allows you to barter multilaterally by tracking trades in a digital currency and providing you with a monthly statement of account. This means you can barter meals “to” one company and purchase what you need “from” a different company. A barter exchange is a directory of companies eager to barter and a marketplace of products and services available for trade.

Most barter exchanges charge a onetime sign-up fee, a monthly administration fee, and a per transaction fee. One of the great things about this is that your transaction fee is performance based. You only pay this fee when you buy or sell something and have benefitted from trading.

If you’d like to learn more about organised bartering and how it might work for you, register for your free trial.


  • Under utilised staff/ time
  • Unsold advertising space
  • Slow- moving inventory
  • Under utilised assets
  • Unfilled seats etc.

Ozone turns underutilised capacity and lost sales into profit by helping your business to obtain new customers, buy products and services for your business without spending cash, thus increasing cash flow and lowering overhead expenses.

Simply stated barter is a powerful financial tool and Ozone Barter is ready to help your business harness your power. With Ozone clients are able to transform under utilised capacity into profits to money they can spend with other Ozone Barter members.



One off Joining Fee
Monthly Membership Fee
$10 when less than $10,000 worth of new business and $25 when over $10,000 worth of business.
Cash Transaction Fee
3 %
Trade Transaction Fee
Initial Credit Limit
Sales Guarantee

All our figures above are GST Inclusive


One off Joining Fee $195
Monthly Membership Fee $10 when less than $10,000 worth of new business and $25 when over $10,000 worth of business.
Cash Transaction Fee 3 %
Trade Transaction Fee 1%
Initial Credit Limit $10,000
Sales Guarantee $10,000

All our figures above are GST Inclusive

The Ozone Guarantee

Ozone guarantees new customers for your business. We are confident in our ability to achieve this within the Ozone community, and to demonstrate our commitment, we provide the following pledge:

If, during the initial 10 months of your membership, your Ozone account fails to generate a minimum of $10,000 in trade sales (inclusive of GST), Ozone will credit your account with the shortfall between that amount and your actual sales, all in Ozone trade dollars.

To be eligible for this guarantee, you must have:

  • Maintained an open listing of your Ozone account for the entire 10 months with at least 1 listing at all times of your goods or services.
  • Settled any cash fees on time and in full.
  • Utilised all available tools provided to Ozone members to enhance sales.

This guarantee can be claimed within the 30 days following the first 10 months of your membership after your first monthly membership receipt. Any applications submitted before or after this period will be subject to the discretion of Ozone.