Advertising is the best way to use Trade Dollars to attract cash business. Advertising media, including radio, television, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and direct mail, are all available on trade. After all, there’s no way to store advertising media and sell it later, so media companies welcome trade.

If a minute of available advertising time passes at a radio station without an advertiser buying it, that minute is lost forever. It can’t be put back on the shelf and sold tomorrow. The same is true in various ways for all other advertising media.

Ozoneed advertising is very affordable, particularly since your Trade Dollar income generally represents new business. This means the cost basis in your ozoneed advertising dollars is very low.

For example, a restaurant may have food costs representing 30 percent of the price of a meal. Since ozone represents new business the restaurant would have been unlikely to attract, the actual cash cost of those Trade Dollars is 30 cents on the dollar. There is no additional cost in rent, electricity, insurance, payroll, etc. to service the additional business. The only expense is the incremental cost of the food.

Using Trade Dollars, the restaurant can buy advertising to bring in new cash business for less than a third of the regular cash cost. And advertising is a readily available ozone commodity, one that represents an immediate opportunity to generate new cash business. In the example above, the restaurant has tripled the purchasing power of its actual cash cost.

Not everyone immediately recognizes the opportunities ozone represents, but anyone can learn to revive dead capital. It just takes some creative minds and exposure to new ideas to fit successful trading into your every day way of doing business.

Ozone announces $10 million dollar economic stimulus plan.

Get Your Company $10,000 to $2 million or more in advertising now Radio, TV, Internet, Print, billboard and much more! Our Stimulus Plan provides your company with an immediate revolving credit line of $10,000 to $2 million dollars or more to purchase national advertising. You pay for the advertising with guaranteed new sales of your company’s products or services.

Our company acts as a fulfillment house to the media if they want hotel rooms anywhere in the country, locksmith, body work, tow truck, auto repair, corporate office space rental, restaurant certificates, airline tickets, hotel rooms, toner, building maintenance, or printing done for their car rental company. So we provide all the different merchandise, media, medical, professional, retail and travel services to our Members and media clients.

We guarantee in writing that your company will make new sales through Ozone at least equal to the amount you spend on advertising through Ozone rewards. This will be all additional incremental sales. Also will stimulate your profit, increase Cash flow, reduce fixed and reduce capital expenses. To an addition you will receive new cash paying customers to patronize your business and refer new cash paying customers. These trade opportunities are endless, printing, medical, real estate, travel, billboards, advertising, media, construction, auto repair, beauty, employee incentives the opportunities further your imagination.

If your a smart business entrepreneur you certainly can understand that this is a no brainer, but maybe wondering what’s the catch. Sounds to good to be true. Ozone cultivates lifetime relationships with business to Unite loyalty amongst one another where business becomes local revenues earned and saved in your community. All business owners want new customers and new revenues? Stop letting your new potential customers drive by your business and spend dollars with your competitor. Join Ozone today, we guarantee to bring you new revenues or your money back.

Ask your CEO, if he would like to increase profits and reduce fixed expenses? Ozone Guarantees to bring you new business. To an addition Ozone will extend you limited exclusivity to most businesses in each area providing the business is able to be provided to each Member. So reserve your category today.