The Benefits of being a Ozone Member

Ozone provides you with the means to buy or sell goods, services and real estate using less cash in every purchase because you can replace the cash amount with the Ozone amount. $1 Ozone Dollar is equal to $1 NZ Dollar.

How will Ozone benefit me?

Through Increased Income

Ozone allows you to create additional income by selling goods, services and real estate to all members NZ wide.

Save your Cash

OzoneRewards allows you to buy products and services from participating members using Trade Dollars. Essentially you are swapping the items you want to sell for goods and services you want to buy. Trading in this manner gives you the opportunity to pay with your own goods or services for goods and services you need, thus letting you save cash for other purposes.

Buy and Sell

As a OzoneRewards member you can deal direct with other members that have items you want to purchase and you can sell goods and services to other members.

Ability to make new Cash Sales

OzoneRewards members don’t just trade with each other, they typically refer their ‘cash’ customers to OzoneRewards members who have provided good service, thus generating cash sale referrals.

Customer Loyalty

OzoneRewards members typically do business with each other, building loyalty. This loyalty means OzoneRewards members bypass the competition to deal with each other.


With OzoneRewards you can buy and sell everything from lollipops to wine. List your items at no charge, no time limit and with high-impact style.


Earn more trade dollars by listing your services here. Like to network? You’ll find everyone here – from babysitters to accountants.


We help Ozone members get the property they want. For buyers – an interest free credit line. For sellers – a captive audience.