Selling and Buying using Trade Dollars

If you would like assistance with finding any products or services in OzoneRewards you can call 0800 469 663 to have one of our contact center representatives help you with this.


To credit or debit another OzoneRewards account you can either log in to this Website and select My Account from the menu, or call 0800 469 663 or email to with details of your transaction.

Logging in

If you are an existing customer but are having trouble logging in or you can’t remember your login ID or password, email us at with your name and contact details and we will get in touch to help you. Alternatively, call 0800 469 663 to have a representative assist you over the phone.

Other questions?

Whether it is related to our website, or just a general enquiry you can contact us on 0800 469 663 or email OzoneRewards customer support at