Feedback Policy

Feedback is a service provided on our website. It is strictly between members and Ozone does not have an active or watchdog role in it.

Although certain exceptional circumstances will result in feedback being edited or removed, feedback will remain a permanent part of your Ozone record. As you can be held legally responsible for feedback posted and for damages to another member’s reputation under Florida law, you must ensure that your feedback is factual and fair.

Ozone may remove feedback where it breaches our terms and conditions. Feedback that is over 30 days old will not be reviewed by Ozone.

Ozone may edit or remove feedback if:

  • In the opinion of Ozone it contains swear words or vulgarities
  • In the opinion of Ozone it contains defamatory statements as to the character of any individual
  • It contains the member’s contact details, phone number, surname, email address or other means to individually identify the member
  • The member placing feedback has been removed from Ozone for any reason
  • The feedback refers to any ongoing investigation by Ozone, the police, or any other party
  • Ozone is ordered by any Court to edit or remove it