Frequently Asked Questions

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How does ozone work?
Unlike one-to-one ozone, in the Ozone network, members earn credits or “trade dollars” that are put into their “Ozone Account” and can be spent on anything within the Ozone Marketplace. In one-to-one ozone, your network is limited to people you already know. We want to help you expand your current network, and we’ve done all the work for you by teaming up with a Global Alliance of business owners who love to trade! The transactions are simple, and the possibilities are endless! Take, for example, a painter who trades $1,000 worth of painting services to a restaurant through Ozone. This painter can now buy up to $1,000 worth of products or services from any of the other members in the network. She could also choose to accumulate more trade dollars to make one larger purchase in the future. The more she trades with other members, the bigger her network becomes, and network marketing is a powerful business tool. Let us help you grow your business with the Ozone Network!
Who can ozone?
Any business or person that can offer a product or perform a service can apply for an account with Ozone. You must agree to the trading rules and be fair and equitable in your dealings with other Ozone members, just as if they were cash customers. Ozone is simply building a large network of businesses and people and that understand ozone and want to get the numerous benefits it has to offer.
When are the transaction fees processed?
Transaction statements are emailed on the 1st of the month. Transaction fees are processed between the 10th and 20th of each month.
Why would I want to accept Trade dollars instead of cash?
You’re not accepting Trade dollars instead of cash. You’re receiving new trade customers in addition to your cash customers. If you have idle time in your week or your shelves are overstocked, why not accept trade dollars? You can spend the new found revenue to offset business expenses, pay employee incentives, or enhance your quality of life. And quite often, trade clients will refer their cash paying friends and family when they enjoy the great service you provide them.
How is ozoneing through Ozone better than direct ozoneing?
  • You are not limited to buy from the same member you sell to.
  • You can trade with anyone in our large ozone network.
  • We keep track of all your transactions so you never have to worry about who owes who, and unfair trades are eliminated!
  • You can have up to 99 sub-accounts which allows you to share your trade dollars with your staff, VIP clients, and family.
Why should I pay cash for my products and sell it for trade dollars?
If you own a retail store and you have product sitting on your shelves, why not get full value for it by posting it on Ozone for ozone? If you’re in a service industry and have empty appointments, you can’t sell today’s empty time tomorrow, so post it for trade and bring in new business that generates revenue in your Ozone account. If your restaurant has empty tables, your hotel has empty rooms, or your radio stations have empty time, don’t let it go to waste! Remember, when customers are coming through your doors, they always bring more customers!
Can I pay my rent and electric bill with Ozone?
No. But you CAN save cash by trading for things that you would normally pay for, and use that money toward your rent and electric bill. Perhaps you can use your trade dollars to design a new website that attracts more cash customers. You can even ozone for business courses and/or coaching that will make your business more profitable. Profit means more cash and cash pays your rent… so really, the answer is YES!
How should I price my product or service?
We are all about you getting full value for your products and services. The price you quote to Ozone members is the same price you would quote to a cash paying client. Ozone is simply another method of payment, just like cash or a credit card. Remember that business owners are educated shoppers and price gouging is frowned upon.
What if I need to make a purchase before I have earned enough trade dollars?
Just like a bank, we encourage businesses to apply for a Ozone line of credit. You can qualify by posting products for trade in the same amount that you would like in credit. Once you are approved, you can use your credit immediately.
Do I have to pay income taxes on the sales I make with Ozone?
f you receive too much additional business and can’t keep up, OzoneRewards will work to find additional businesses with the same product or service, so that the demand is spread out.
Does Ozone provide support?
Yes. You can call 0800 469 663 to get account information and process transactions. There is also a member forum where you can ask questions and get answers. You can always call our office directly or send us an email your with your questions too. We’d love to hear from you!
Can I sell an item for part cash, part ozone?
The short answer is no. Ozone Trading Rules indicate that the first $10,000 of a transaction must be 100% ozone. Any amount over $10,000 can be part cash and part ozone, all ozone, or all cash. However, you CAN post gift certificates for any amount and that gift certificate can be applied to the client’s total at time of service.
Who pays for shipping?
The Buyer pays tipping and shipping. This part of the transaction is your responsibility and is done outside of Ozone. Always get shipping from your buyer up front, before shipping an item.
Why do you ask for my credit card, debit card or e-check information?
Monthly and transaction fees are processed automatically each month. On or about the the first of each month, you will be sent a Ozone statement detailing your purchases, sales and fees. Additionally, if you need a copy of any past statement, they are always available online on your Account page.