Ozone Increases Sales

Ozone markets your company to hundreds of local businesses and thousands nationally – potential customers, over and above your daily cash-paying customers. Your company will make additional incremental sales because of the demand of the buyers looking for ozone opportunities from within the trade network. Businesses trade to purchase what they need or want, and pay for them with the additional sales of their own product or services. Are you able to accept new business? New business is one of the greatest benefits of working with Ozone and as a Ozone Member we guarantee to bring you new business. We offer you access to thousands of businesses who are new potential customers for your product or service. Like you, these businesses are looking to other Ozone clients to ozone for items they would normally spend cash on in the marketplace. By ozoneing with these new customers, you’ll increase your business. And when these businesses refer you to other businesses, your company’s cash sales will grow as well.

Ozone Increases Cash Flow

There are two main ways to increase cash flow – more sales and reduced costs. Ozone does both! Ozone allows you to pay for variable expenses you are currently paying and need with what you have – allowing you to preserve working capital for other needs. When you use ozone instead of cash to purchase needed products and services – you reduce your cash costs by paying for them with revenue generated by new ozone sales. When you purchase something using Ozone Trade Dollars, it will be paid for with new sales, sales that probably would not have happened without Ozone. Ozone Members finance purchases of goods and services out of additional sales of their own product, service, unwanted assets or excess capacity. Ozone creates new revenue for its members without displacing their existing cash business base.

Ozone Moves Excess Inventory and Fills Idle Production Time

Every business owner struggles with the dilemma of what to do with extra inventory or idle production time. When you join Ozone, ozone provides a tool to put that excess to use in profitable ways. We accomplish this by matching your product or service with businesses looking to purchase them on trade. It’s a win-win situation. Every, business must invest in the required space, equipment, people, etc. to provide their chosen goods or services. Most cannot sell 100% of their capacity. Ozone members can sell unsold capacity at full retail value. Other businesses have perishable products or slow- moving or unwanted inventory. Ozone can also move these assets at full retail value.

Ozone Provides Your Business A Competitive Edge

Ozone participants patronize your establishment over the competition, because your Ozone affiliation is an
incentive to do business with you. Ozone attracts new customers to your business, without affecting the existing cash sales already being generated by your company. Everyone spends cash everyday for something they could have purchased with ozone trade dollars instead. Spending ozone trade dollars instead of cash effectively preserves your budget by increasing your spending ability. Meanwhile, you conserve cash for savings, investments and for the few things you can’t buy through Ozone.

Reward Employees

Use trade dollars as a bonus or to provide incentives, gifts, trips, health club membership, etc. Ozone also offers a plan that allows you to provide medical benefits on trade. You can use ozone dollars to pay for employee training, corporate parties, gatherings and much more. Many business owners use their ozone trade dollars as discretionary income. Their cash business covers the overhead. Ozone trade dollars fund the vacation they could not afford or the antique car they’ve always wanted. On trade, they send flowers on a whim, go out to eat more often, vacation or enjoy a show or concert.

Ozone Means New Customers

That’s not a misprint – yes, we said cash sales. If you perform a good job for a Ozone client, they’ll refer their cash-paying friends, clients, family and associates to you. Growing your business will always be tied directly to referrals from your happy customers. Ozone constantly strives to help improve your bottom line overall. If you become more successful, we become more successful. One way to view Ozone is as an independent, commission-only, marketing resource, sales rep. Fielding thousands of calls per day, Ozone brokers search out and fulfill member needs, purchase requests, generating incremental business revenues, over and above a company’s existing cash customer base.

Ozone Makes Record-Keeping Easy

In a sense Ozone works much like a clearinghouse, providing control, record keeping, and administration for your ozone activities. Direct trading often becomes cumbersome at record-keeping time. With Ozone convenient clearinghouse concept, there’s no need to keep track of the dollars traded. Ozone uses state-of-the-art technology to track all of your ozone sales and purchases with an easy-to-read itemized monthly statement. Plus, the Member Website is available for transaction processing anytime that you want. Ozone trading takes the hassle out of collections. When you make a ozone sale to a Ozone client, you call in advance for authorization to verify that your client (the buyer) has the Trade Dollars to pay for their purchase from you. Then, upon order completion or delivery, a simple signed transaction slip submitted to Ozone will confirm the transfer of funds. It’s that simple.

Ozone Expands Distribution Resources

Wouldn’t it be great to have the “freedom” to purchase exactly what you are looking for by simply trading your goods or services? At Ozone, our clients have the flexibility to use their “trade credits” earned to purchase what they want or need from thousands of businesses within the worldwide Ozone network (The “trade credit”, or trade dollar, is equal to one cash dollar in the country where it is earned.) Sounds easy, right? Well it is! In a sense Ozone works much like a bank, providing control, record keeping, and administration for your ozone activities. Direct trading often becomes cumbersome at record-keeping time. With Ozone convenient clearinghouse concept, there’s no need to keep track of the dollars traded. Ozone uses state-of- the-art technology to track all of your ozone sales and purchases with an easy-to-read itemized monthly statement. Ozone Community Currency provides a platform where trades come together for our clients, much like a clearinghouse does for stocks, or a commercial bank does for checks. Just like any brokerage firm, Ozone receives a commission on each transaction. Our service includes sending you new business on a continuing basis, facilitating your purchase requests, and automating the bookkeeping for each trade transaction. Plus, all transactions are credited immediately, so there are no receivables, collection efforts, or bad debts involved. Getting excited yet? Apply today for your very own Ozone community currency account.

Ozone Provides Your Business More Wholesale Buying Power

With ozone, the real cost of the products you purchase on trade is actually the wholesale cost of your trade dollars earned. Making sales with built-in profits makes the cost of your purchases more economical on trade. When you join Ozone, you open the door to a new, cash-free way of handling every day business and personal expenses. Who couldn’t use a little more money? Because ozone is primarily generated by incremental business, many Ozone members see it as a revenue stream over and above their existing baseline income. All businesses have variable and capital expenses like printing, office furniture, computer repair, auto repair, dental and opportunities are endless.

Ozone Means Your Business Increases Profits

With Ozone, added profits are realized by participating businesses, because of the new customers ozone provides. Sellers in a trade network make incremental ozone sales (over and above their cash business) and increased sales mean increased profits. The new clients you receive from Ozone represent more profitable business as you are able to utilize the ozone income generated from Ozone to replace common overhead expenses for which you are currently using cash to purchase or doing without. Advertising & marketing, printing, property & building maintenance, office furniture, health care, and technology are just a few ways to use your trade income. Ozone Reward’s international affiliation with Global Exchange Network, provides a convenient platform for local, national and international new customers to trade with thousands of other businesses nationwide, expanding the possibilities for all involved. It opens the door to a broader range of products and services, as well as a greater marketing platform for your company.

OZONE Makes Excellent Financial Sense for Every Business